Hand Band
  • Hand Band
  • Product code: Hand Band

Size:67 x 255 (mm)
Packing:PVC Bucket

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Product details

Printing Method: Embroidery, Woven Label, Thermal Transfer, Jacquard
Product Combination: Wristband + Towel + Headband
(1) Wristband
Product Size: 70 x 90(mm)
Protect wrist, wipe, prevent sweat from flowing into the palm
Effective grasp of time, enjoy sports fun
(2) Headband
Product Size: 50 x 170(mm)
Sweat, heat, prevent colds, prevent long hair block eyes
(3) Towel
Product Size: 300 x 300(mm)
No alcohol without irritation, fabric feel soft and delicate, after exercise to further wipe

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